Niall horan

"Au Revoir"

Niall Horan guitar


Niall's POV

Rain is beautiful. It's like Mother Nature is crying, whether its tears of joy or tears of sorrow, humanity will never know. But it washes away all of the bad things in this world. I noticed this as I stood on the sidewalk in a rain shower. I looked at my yellow rubber ducky rain coat and how bright it was compared to the grey skies. Almost the color of my eyes.

"Niall!" I turned to see my mother rushing to my side, taking my hand. "Love, it's time to come inside, you'll catch a cold if you stay out here." Her thick Irish accent made her words sound cool. I have the same accent. I looked into her gleaming eyes and shook my small head.

"But Mum, what about the birds and the bugs? Will they get sick too?" My tiny, blue eyes searched her face, waiting anxiously for an answer.

"They won't get sick, darling. They're used to being outside, outside is their home." She smiled as my 5 year old self pondered over this idea. I finally nodded in understanding and let her take me inside our house. I quickly slid my rain boots off and threw my coat to the floor, racing to my room. I looked out the window, watching as raindrops raced each other and grew into bigger drops.

The world was sweet, loving, innocent. Everything was perfect.

I can't say the same thing now.