Alexis’s POV

I woke up to the sound of a bunch of people talking. I squinted and checked my phone for the time.


I groaned and rolled out of bed. I heard some more talking and I was getting very curious. I pulled one of my old beanies on, over my head, to protect my ears from the crisp, cold, morning air. I opened my door, greeted to the smell of bacon. Yum. But, I ignored the bacon and started to walk down the stairs when I finally heard the voices clearer.

“Oh, sorry but my daughter isn’t awake yet.”


“Its fine,” said an unfamiliar voice. I quickly walked down the stairs saying, “No, no. I’m awake now.”

I looked and saw a bunch of people standing in the hallway to the door. I quickly saw Mum and then I focused on the rest of the people.

My jaw dropped.