Alexis’s POV

Louis… Louis freaking Tomlinson, in my freaking hallway, in my freaking house!

I paced around my room.

I have hardly said ten words to him! I tried to think back to how many words I’ve said. I couldn’t remember.

I stopped and stared at my door. I threw my head back and groaned. Louis was only meters away… What if he came into my room!?

I quickly ran to the door and locked it. I was about to step away from the white, plain door when I heard something bang against it. My eyes widened. Am I going to die? I thought. I have no idea why I thought that…

“Hello?” said a male, husky voice.

I stared at the door. It was Harry.

I took a deep breath than replied, “Yes?”

“Can I come in?”

I took a step back, “Why?”

I heard Harry chuckle, “I just want to come in.”


“So, can I come in?”

“I don’t know…”


I smiled, “Okay!”

“I’ll just…. Come back later then…”

I heard Harry shuffle away. Nice job, Alexis. You just made a fool of yourself to Harry.

I sighed and laid down on my bed, trying to get over my mistake with Harry.

Niall’s POV


I grinned, thinking about her.

She is so beautiful. I adore her green eyes, slightly grey. I wonder why they were grey, while her mother’s eyes were light green. Who cares? She’s adorable in every single way.

I heard three knocks on my door which made me slightly jump.

I was about to get up and open the door but a thought hit me like a ton of bricks: What if it is Alexis?

I then spun around, looking for something to make me look better. I ran across the room to a full size mirror. I checked my hair then my teeth. I took a deep breath and walked up to my door courageously.  I wrapped my hand around the door handle and slowly opened the door.