Alexis’s POV


“Why Paul?!” My mother yelled. “Tell me why!”

I looked around the room. It seemed darker. I could feel bad vibes coming from the tension in the air. I stared at my mum and dad who were standing in strained positions. They were fighting again.

“I’m sorry, Lauren! I just have to go!” Dad cried at Mum.

Mum’s hands rose to her face and small tears fell from her vibrant green eyes. “I just want to know why…” She whispered.

Dad stopped and took a deep breath. He leaned into Mum, and delicately kissed her forehead. He then turned around and grabbed his suitcase. He left without another word. He left leaving Mum standing there in loud sobs. He left and didn’t even say goodbye to me.

There I was; sitting on the ground, surrounded by a million different toys, with my teething ring jammed into my tiny mouth. I was only 11 months old.

This is written by User:Sweet But Sassy

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