Harry Styles (aka "Hellhound") is a member of the superhero team, WONDERection.


While on a walk from school, Harry buys a wolf charm from a street-dealer for his lover, Felicity, unaware that it is cursed. In his room, he receives a text from his lover saying that she has dumped him. At first he wants to throw away the charm, but is enchanted by it's mythical design and decides otherwise. When he goes to sleep wearing the charm, he turns into a ferocious werewolf. The next morning, he has flashbacks of the previous night and, upon finding a dead chicken on under his bed, tries and fails to remove the charm from his wrist.

Powers, Abilities, & WeaknessesEdit


Werewolf Physiology - Harry has the ability to transform into a wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature after being placed under a curse from his wolf charm. This transformation becomes uncontrollable when first apprehended and with the appearance of the full moon.

    • Superhuman Speed - Due to Harry's werewolf powers, he possesses super speed.
    • Superhuman Stamina - Due to Harry's werewolf powers, he possesses superhuman stamina.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor - Due to Harry's werewolf powers, he possesses regenerative healing factors.
    • Enhanced Agility - Due to Harry's werewolf powers, he possesses enhanced agility.
    • Psionic Bark - Due to Harry's werewolf powers, he possesses psionic bark.
    • Enhanced Senses - Due to Harry's werewolf powers, he possesses enhanced senses.
  • Superhuman Strength - A side effect to Harry's werewolf curse is that he now has superhuman strength.

  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant
    • Experienced Boxer
    • Experienced Judo-Fighter
  • Expert Shooter

  • Limited Durability
  • Dog Whistle
  • Animal Empathy


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  • Wolf Charm
  • Guns (used only at stepfather's gun range)
    • Smith & Wesson SW1911
    • Mk 18
    • Range Arsenal
    • Custom Glock 17



  • Anne Twist - Mother
  • Gemma Styles - Older Sister
  • Robin Twist - Stepfather
  • Desmond Styles - Biological Father


  • Liam Payne - Teammate, Leader, Classmate, and Friend
  • Zayne Malik - Teammate, Classmate, and Friend
  • Louis Tomlinson - Teammate, Classmate, and Friend
  • Niall Horan - Teammate, Classmate, and Friend
  • Director Simmons - Boss
  • Agent Marcia - Crush


  • Felicity Skinner - Ex-Lover


  • He's the first hero to be selected to join the team.