Lost but found fan fiction

Jessica's POV

"JESSICA GO NOW!!!!" yelled my dad.My family and I were having problems with the ship and started to sink. The thing was my family cared to much for me and wanted to risk thier lifes for me...well it's time for me to do the same."NO!! I am going to help us get out of here!! Where are the life ja..."I stopped my sentence cause my mom got the life jackets.

"MOM!! throw me three more!!" She tossed me the life jackets.I put my on then gave it to my sister then my dad.We all jumpd off the boat but my mom didn't...... "MOM YOU HAVE TO GET OFF I AM NOT GOING TO LET YOU DIE!!" I said screeching to my mom. I decided to grab her by the ankle and pull her down.I swam her over to my dad considering he couldn't swim....

"Jessica i can't swim any longer.." my sister said to me worriedly. "No no yes you can" I then swam over to her but by the time i did she was under water i tried grabbing her but my dad told me not to. I screamed at the top of my lungs i started to cry hysterically. my dad then grabbed a big piece of boat that was left. I grabbed a hold of it and put my mom on the top.

My dad then started to go down too. " NOOOOO!!" I tried to grab him but it was too late......then i started talking to my mom but  noticed how she didn't say anything. "!!!" i grabbed her head and looked at her she...... I decided to drop  her down to. Well i'm all alone now.



"Niall!!stop eating all the burgers!!" I have had enough with Niall eating every 10 min. "Come on Zayn!! This will be the last time he eats." louis said to me. i ignored him then i saw a girl hanging on to a boat. " Hey guys!!! come here." " What is it Zayn?" " It looks like a girl!! I'm gonna go in and rescue her." I took off my shirt, put on a life jacket and jumped into the ocean.

I swam to her,grabbed her arms,swam back to the boat and told the boys to grab her. When  I came into the boat she was waking up. "Where am i?" The girl asked. I thought she must have been lost for days cause her make up was ruined. " your with us one direction.." "What????"
Scary racoon eyes