I watched as the man chocked out a breath of polluted air.

“What… D-do you… from me?” He gasped. I gripped his neck tighter.

“I want to know why you-”

I was cut off by the sound of piercing alarms.

“Your ride is here,” I said, smirking.


A police car pulled up next to us in the dark alley. I let go of his neck and back away from the wall that I was holding him onto. I watched as two police jumped out of the car and grab the man in the black hoodie. The male police, with brown, straight hair, chucked him into the back of the car, behind the bars. The other police, a woman with short blonde hair, nodded to me. I nodded back and she opened the driver’s door to the police car. I quickly turned around and sped down the alley, back to home base.