“And… CUT!”

I brushed the fringe of my blonde wig out of my face.

Damn, why was that thing so damn itchy?

I quickly observed my surroundings. People in jeans and black T-Shirts were beginning to pack up cameras, lights, microphones and loads more. I was about to walk away from the beach, back to the hair and make-up station to get the fake piece of plastic when someone ran into me. I came face to face with Harry Styles. Otherwise known as my boyfriend.



He leant in to give me a hug and I happily agreed. He wrapped his arms around my waist while I slung mine around his neck.

“That was great,” he mumbled into my shoulder.

I felt my cheeks grow hot, “Thanks.”

He released his arms around my waist and rested his hands on my hips. I looked into his green eyes. I could never seem to read them. I’m weird, I know.

Harry licked his lips and looked at mine. I smiled and leant in, closing the distance between us. As soon as our lips were pressed together, someone coughed. We pulled apart to see Travis O’Donnell. My director.

“Uh, Crystal. I just wanted to let you know that you need to work a bit more on your vocals. This morning in the studio you sounded a bit… scratchy,” he said, scratching the back of his neck.

I bit my lip, feeling disappointed in myself, “Yeah sure.”

Travis smiled at me and quickly acknowledged Harry by giving him a quick nod. Everyone on set knew Harry because he was here all the time and well, obviously because he’s one of the most famous males on the planet.

“Don’t worry about him, Crys,” I heard Harry whisper into my ear.

I looked at the sand that was now catching the shimmer of the afternoon sunset.

“Oh, look who it is, Harry and Crystal, together forever.”

I rolled my eyes immediately after hearing the voice. I heard Harry chuckle, “What about you? What’s been going on with Elounor lately?”

I looked up to see the one and only Louis Tomlinson.

“It’s been going great, obviously,” he replied, smirking. Gag.

He was the worst member of One Direction. Loud, obnoxious, flirty. Just to name a few.

“Oh, Louis there you are.”

Louis turned around to meet Travis.

“Hey Travo!” Louis yelled.

I could see Travis roll his eyes, almost mirroring my attitude towards the egotistical pop star.

“Look, Louis, you need to focus on acting. You’ve been forgetting lines and you seem very distracted…” Travis trailed off.

“Yeah, sure,” Louis shrugged.

Travis then looked at me, “Remember those vocals, Crystal.”

I smiled, “Yup.”

Travis walked off, holding a walkie talkie to his face.

Louis laughed, “Vocals?”

“Speak for yourself Tomlinson. Acting?” I replied, giving him a cold stare. Louis is my definition of a nightmare.

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