Violet Cassidy
Background information
Full name Violet Cassidy
Hometown Australia
Born Sydney
Age 18
Height 5'7
Violet Cassidy is the main character of the fan fiction, Raindrops, written by Sweet But Sassy

Early LifeEdit

Violet Cassidy grew up in Australia with her parents, being an only child. She didn’t have many friends in Australia so she was alone a lot of the time, reading to keep herself occupied. Her father became addicted to drugs when she was thirteen years old and then shortly after her mother became a drunk from the depression of her husband’s drug use. Violet would sometimes get hit by her mother who was too drunk to care and beaten by her father for asking about his late night activities, being a drug dealer. When Violet was 18, she got on a plane to Stanwell, just outside of London. There, she created new friends except she hardly knew them. She never forgot her past childhood and lives in depression because of it.